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Connecting up language learning around the country:

The ALL Connect team has also created four interactive project wikis, to accompany our existing wiki on Literature.

These allow teachers to upload examples of their own resources for each module, as well as providing further support materials for colleagues in KS2 and KS3:

ALL Literature Wiki

ALL Grammar Wiki

ALL Speaking Wiki

ALL Writing & Translation Wiki

ALL Progression & Transition Wiki

The ALL Connect wikis are also intended as standalone resources for any teacher to use, so have a look and please contribute!

ALL Connect: KS3 Grammar

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Welcome to the ALL Connect KS3 Grammar Module

There are five themed modules for KS3 teachers of languages. The modules are not sequential, and are presented here in four formats:

  • A Powerpoint presentation for use in a training session
  • A pdf for Trainers to use in preparing for a training session; this includes the notes pages that accompany the Powerpoint screens
  • A Powerpoint presentation for selfaccess by a practising teacher or trainee (this version does not include discussion and has reduced notes) in case you wish to view the Powerpoint separately from the Notes
  • A pdf of the Self Access notes page – you might like to access this version in order to have the Notes visible at the same time as the screens.

The materials of this module are aimed at an audience of teachers who will be teaching pupils at KS3. Languages of exemplification in the materials and follow-up modules are French, German and Spanish. These materials are freely available for any teacher to use. They must not be used for commercial reasons such as training sessions where attendees are charged a delegate fee by a trainer / training organisation. They may not be used without acknowledgement of the original source. If you are using them, ALL would be very pleased to hear from you, as it is of particular interest to us to know about coverage. Please email to let us know.


The format of the module is as follows:

A  presentation (in pdf format) for delivery by a Lead Teacher to a workshop of teacher participants.  The  workshop duration should be two hours, in which the presentation and accompanying materials / resources and activities should be delivered.

Teachers using the self-access version should also expect to take around the same length of time.

Following delivery of a workshop, teacher participants will undertake independent study by accessing 4 follow up modules, to be pursued over 4 consecutive weeks following the taught workshop. These are housed on this site and  can be found by scrolling right down this page.


Materials in sequential order:

You will need to download these materials  when you click through to them. If you are a Lead Teacher we suggest you do so before you deliver a workshop session.

For Lead Teachers to deliver to teacher participants: For teachers to access as self study:
  • KS3 Grammar Module notes pages We suggest you access this version of the presentation as it gives instructions about how to deliver the session and also suggests where you might introduce activities to the teacher participants.


  • KS3 Grammar Module Self Access – Powerpoint version: This is in case you wish to view the ppt separately from the notes. The notes below each screen suggest questions for professional reflection and exploration.

For use by teacher participants after either training route:

Teacher participants are asked to complete a simple action plan following each taught workshop. They are also asked to complete this when they complete each of the 4 follow-up modules over the subsequent weeks. The action plan pro forma can be accessed here: KS3 Action Plan Grammar

Back up! The files you need should all be linked to within the presentation – but just in case, here they are again:


Four follow up modules for independent use by teachers, after attendance at the taught Grammar workshop: Grammar

Follow up 1: KS3 Grammar Follow up 1

Follow up 2:  KS3 Grammar Follow up 2

Follow up 3: KS3 Grammar Follow up 3

Follow up 4:  KS3 Grammar Follow up 4


For additional resources, activities and case studies, please see our Grammar Wiki: